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Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 21:34:50 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology
Subject: Re: The Mystery of Pyramid

Martin Stower <> wrote:

>Jiri Mruzek <> wrote:

>Ah, there you are!  I was beginning to worry.

Thanks for your concern, Martin. Meanwhile, some others were
beginning quiet celebrations. Like you, I am apparently fine,
plus, I finally got myself certified. Hurrah!
How did I do it?
 I walked into the discretely padded office lugging a 7-pound
notebook in a case with 50 pounds of accessories, and shrink-
wrapped software. Having seen my latest webpages ( )
on these discoveries of mine in ancient art, and an assortment
of reactions from the ng's, the doctor told me solemnly that
there is no doubt about it. Having first told the receptionist
to fetch some real bananas ( I ate the plastic ones in the deco-
rative bowl), he vehemently disagreed with any notions of me
(Namon, as in Nasca Monkey) being simian.
He said that I could come down from the chandeliere, paying no
consideration to the fact that the other seats were already occupied
by giant spiders, snakes, and a baby pachyderm of the pink species,
which proliferates on the streets so much lately. The office
was crowded with spies, who constantly follow me posing shamfully
as a circus. In the dimness under the glass table with newspapers
and magazines, One of my many shadows, who works for both the CIA,
and the KGB pretended to be reading, as if I didn't know that all
these gumshoes can ill-iterate their own digits on the fingers of
one hand.
So, I carried on being logical until some men came in and had
spread below me what I thought was a sturdy canvas sheet to break
my fall, but it was actually a big jacket, though it got smaller,
as I grew inpatient. That's how I too, was shrink-wrapped..
Hmm, I am very happy now, since I got the mental disability pension.
With the child support (my real mental age is five, hey, at least
my brain is smooth and unwrinkleable :) I can really eke out easily.
So, thanks everybody on this group for the support of my case/cause.
>>What a passionate speech. How about Passion off - Bring on some reason.

>How about being passionately reasonable, or reasonably passionate?

Passion knows no reason, but I agree with being reasonable any
which way we can.

>>> Forget eternally-sharp razors or never-rotting apples.

>>Why? Isn't that a perfect topic? Huh?

>Oh no - it is now.

After a day's delay, you see that it's not, but for you and I.
The chorus is too busy augmenting its politically correct
contentment by slamming lone voices emanating from jars lying
in the desert and unheard by all save the Nasca Monkey - the
patron spectre of all the world's deserts, who can hear the Sphinx
weather and erode rapidly from ten thousand miles away, or by
rehashing all the good reasons why humans should be evolved from
amoebae, except for "medved" Ed Conrad, who was custom-designed
from the ground up.

>>And you: do you think that the patent for a razorblade sharpening pyramid
>>issued to Mr. Karel Drbal by the Czecho-Slovak patent office  was not
>>approved on a scientific basis?  Tell us honorably, how come?

>Jiri, if you know yourself, please tell us.  I'd love to know more about
>this patent.  I've seen it mentioned time and again, but details of its
>approval are always lacking.

>I'd love to hear about the scientific basis on which it was approved.

I can opine on this with reasonable accuracy even without knowledge
of the details. Firstly, there is no doubt in my mind that the idea
really works. The Czecho-Slovak patent office would be like any such
institution in any civilized country. Thus the patent would be
issued on an empirical basis. The device worked infallibly, as supposed.
Therefore, there were no grounds, on which to deny the patent(.)
Secondly, this deed is the more admirable for going against the hair
of official materialistic philosophy of the then stalinist CSR.
Nothing is more alien to the godless marxism than devices, which
seem to exploit inexplicable properties of the intangible fluidum..
Here, I should advise caution in testing the sharpening process.
Only the traditional "blue" razorblades can be used. The modern multiple-
shave blades have a different and unsuitable crystalline structure.
All in all, the morphological power of pyramids proves to me that
there is more to this cosmos than nuclear physics, and rocket science..

The power of Platonic forms is substantial.

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