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Those Grossly Obese Cave-Women Without Heads

By my estimate, the consensus is that this image is another Palimpsest. Again, an intricately woven image from La Marche is being dismissed as inextricably entangled scribbles! As in a number of other cases, the main motif is supposedly a crudely rngraved rotund Venus without a head. One shudders at the fact that most Venuses from the site are headless! Before La Marche, Venuses, all with the head on,  had been exclusive to the much earlier Gravettian Period. More engravings of headless females, however, were unearthed at Gonnensdorf, Germany, 4,000 years younger than La Marche. 
No doubt, headless Venuses are features of the La Marche engravings, but never the main, or lone interpretation. To reduce so much to so little would be too simple-minded. This particular engraving affects me as one harmonious whole, a masterpiece.

The vista is dominated by an apparition of a regular circle visible from all angles. A pair of compasses proves that the circle is true; a true circle fits the engraved lines really well (diagram).

A quick Reality Check:

a) A circle is a circle. It is a real symbol of itself. It cannot be misinterpreted as itself. 

b) But, as a symbol of other things, the circle is transcendental, metaphorical, and subject to interpretation. 


This complex image really gets my imagination going. I see a lot of symmetry: streamlined forms fluidly changing into others, a winged globe or tyre, and forms which could be outlines of all sorts of advanced craft, structures, buidings, you name it. I see faces, human figures, birds, snakes, and more. How about the rear half of a motorbike?.   

Are there any humane alternatives to the Headless Venus, who could fill her boots visible at the bottom of the image? After all, putting her rotund body naked into a pair of boots is kinky, to say the least. Instead, give the boots to a lanky male wearing loosely fitting coveralls - who has a head upon his shoulder (diagram below)...


As interpreted below, he embraces a female figure from behind. She is wearing a green mini-skirt, blue-grey turtleneck sweater, and red boots.
In this variation, the woman is much slimmer .. Starting with the nose, her face elongates forward, forming a kind of wolfish snout. Considering that Stéphane Lwoff also presents similar faces (one reminds him of the Piltdown man - a forgery), could this be a case of another hybrid - a human/canine hybrid head?



Another head could be small, and sketchy (below). A hat covers the woman's forehead right down to her eyelashes.

The tablets possibly showing intertwined figures are sometimes referred to as "marriage certificates".  I find it too hard to keep a straight face here  _ Marriage Certificates to Headless Venuses kept at the office for the public record.? Hah, so those engravings which are broken must be records of divorces.. 

                                          prehistoric plane silhouette


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