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Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1996 19:57:02 -0700
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology,alt.alien.visitors,sci.skeptic
Subject: Re: ABC & racist pseudoscience
  Modelling the Pyramid in one's own mind

Bob Tarantino - taranr wrote:

> I do not pretend to be an expert on Von Danniken's claims and have not read
> all of his book.  Also I could not really comment on your opinion of what is
> really going on here.  But I have come to some conclusions based on what Von
> Danniken has pointed out.  That is that the Mayans must have had an extensive
> knowledge of astronomy.  Also, there were some stones found a few years ago
> with pictures on them clearly showing what appears to be a telescope being
> used and people performing brain surgury.

Yes, the Ica (read Ekha) stones. This is funny, but at two years old,
when asked my name - I would answer - Ica (Ekha :) Maybe, one day,
I willl discover scientific mathematics encoded into the Ica stones.
At this time, my working hypothesis is that this is indeed the case.

(new comment - Unfortunately, Ica stones look like fake to me, nowadays..)

> I know that skulls have been found
> in I believe Peru showing that brain surgury was performed on live patients.
> These stones, which I think were found also in Peru, have been said to be a
> hoax, but that may have been done so that the person who found them could sell
> them without government intervention, which he did.

Yes, the fact looms significant. We get a complex connection here.
Firstly, the Seal of Atlantis joins La Marche/France, and Nasca/Peru.
Then we get an intensifier in that La Marche and Ica/Peru are both
engravings on stone. Plus, they are numerous. Plus, they are shocking..

> I would not say that such phenomena as the Nazca lines is for Alien landings
> strips, eventhough the top of one mountain there has been completely leveled
> off.  These things are left for interpretation.

And my interpretation would tend to see Gods as invitees to the
table/mountain, one way, or another.

> However, it is indisputible that many ancient cultures had knowledge
>  beyond our own.  Many of these
> ancient structures clearly show blocks weighing tons which fit so precisly
> that a piece of paper could not squeeze in between.

Hey! As our friends from the orthodox element would say: You take
two 20-ton blocks, and you RUB THEM BACK AND FORTH, till they fit..
A great advantage is that you don't have to be gentle. Please, accept

> Today, even with the
> largest and most modern equipment, this would not be possible.

Don't say that. But, the very fact of such structures  begging for
the question of possible Hi-Tech intervention - should tell us, how
discouragingly dear, and counter-productive such efforts would be.
We would not venture into Pyramid-construction, because someone like
the UN, or some countries would surely be ruined financially.

> There was a
> man who built a type of castle out of coral in I think Florida around the turn
> of the century in which a rocking chair was built weighing over a ton.

That was Edward Leedskalnin of the Coral Castle fame.

> Also,
> a revolving door of similar weight that could be pushed with a single finger,
> that it was balanced so perfectly on a rod going through it.  He built the
> castle for someone he was in love with.  Having been jilited, he died of a
> broken heart and took his secrets to the grave since he would never work
> around anyone else.

He starved to death. When building the castle, he weighed in at  90-pounds!
Clearly, the man had no brawn, just pure brains. He also must have had
brought  with him his arcane knowledge from.. Was it Estonia?.
He never said that he built the castle for his nostalgic love.
Rather, he said that he did it for "His Sweet Sixteen".
His expression can be interpreted differently, if you consider
that "sweet" can also mean the same as in "sweet spot".
Did I hit a 'sweet spot' there? :)

In conjunction with a number (16), we get other numerous possibilities,
or if you like 'remote likelihoods'. One of them is interpreting 16,
as originating from the first two digits of the Phi-ratio.
He did it to immortalize his secret knowledge, to celebrate the power
of the Dodecahedron, or something like that. I don't know.

But, I wonder - Could all this be connected to the brain power alone?
Through perfect concentration the imagination creates devices, which can
then influence the external world. Let's say that you can model the
Pyramid in your mind, will you then exercise the Pyramid Power in some
way? This alchemical experimentation might lead to something..

> Today, as far as genetic engineering goes, if we selectively breed, then it is
> race engineering.  We are absolutely involved in genetic engineering today.
> Alterations made in a test tube are not necessary to accomplish this, despite
> this being done also.  I agree.  It is monsterous.

Unfortunately, you are right.

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