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This gif  retraces, in main outlines, the discovery of the Cone,
i.e., one of the two principal components in the geometric plan
of the s.c. Cinderella engraving. The gif's opening scene features
two circles, plus two symmetric arcs of  another circle (the Cone's
Key, or Top-circle). The two arcs are symmetrical through their
common centre, which means that when their ends are cross-
connected by lines, those lines intersect at the circle's centre.
We could say that the circle unites both arcs.
Next, a line is drawn to show that the centres of the three
resulting circles form a straight line. This is the Cone's
central axis.

 Drawing External Tangents To Two, or More Circles

A diameter of the top circle gets passed down to the bottom circle.
Next, a line through the corresponding ends of the two parallel
diameters intersects the central axis at
                                        the External Centre of Symmetry.
From that point we draw the external tangents to the circles,
which just happens to work for the third circle, as well.
The tangents just happen to disperse at 36°, just like the arms
on a  five-pointed star.

 Drawing Internal Tangents Between Two Circles

A line through the opposite ends of the two parallel diameters,
one diameter in each circle - intersects the central axis at
                                      the Internal Centre of Symmetry of
the two circles. From that point the internal tangents are drawn.
This point also becomes the center of our experimental five-
pointed star. There is a Special Effect in that the line through
the opposite ends of the two parallel diameters, is visually
identical with a line subtending  the ends of the lower arc
on the top circle.
Moreover, the same line also holds the 36° angle with the
Square's X-axis. Considering that the Square is the second
of the two main components of the s.c. Seal of Atlantis, this
angle promises and delivers more surprises. Check out the
KXY-star formation at:  /kxstar.htm
Hopefully,  having seen the above scenes, the reader agrees
that so far, the Cone formation corresponds to exact geometric

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